Controleer de batterij voordat u bestelt

Step 1 -- How to check if the battery is compatible with my laptop?

  • 1You need to find model name of your laptop(e.g. "E5-572G-593Y") or part number of the old battery(e.g. "AL14A32"), and then check whether they are in the "Compatibiliteitslijst" table.
  • Figure 1: "Compatibiliteitslijst " table.
  • Compatible table
  • 2Please compare the image in the "Grote afbeeldingen" with your old battery to make sure their shapes are the same.
  • 3Please check that the voltage (rating) is the same as your old battery.

Step 2 -- Check specifications of laptop batteries before ordering

Please note: when buying one replacement battery for your laptop, please compare these specifications at first!

check laptop battery

Please note: High capacity batteries with the bigger size shape, and them will extend out about 1 inch from the bottom/side of the laptop.

bigger size battery